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Battle Tours started life in early 1996 with a tour to Vietnam. In the years following the number of tours to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia increased and so did our market. Today we travel to all four corners of the world with new and exciting destinations opening up on a regular basis. Vietnam is still one of our most popular destinations with small tours departing most months.
Don’t want to join one of our group tours ! We design itineraries for the individual, small or large group, associations, school groups and cadet groups to destinations around the world. And whilst we are upmarket, preferring to stay in four and five star hotels, where available, we can design an itinerary to suit both your budget and time frame. Travel is always in modern air-conditioned vehicles and depending on numbers we can also offer an experienced Australian tour manager to accompany your tour. Breakfast is offered daily on all tours along with the majority of lunches.
Our tours are flexible and fun with plenty of free time for shopping and exploring. Our tours are suited to all age groups who have a medium level of fitness and we visit all the major tourist attractions with a little bit of history added.
So when thinking about your next holiday please contact us. Our flexibility will surprise and you won’t be disappointed.

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More snippets of information that happened in the month of July.

24 July 1927 – The Menin Gate Memorial to the missing in Ypres, Belgium was opened. It records the names of over 56,000 allied soldiers, with 6,176 Australians missing in battles around Ypres in WWI.
25 July 1943 – Italian dictator Mussolini was deposed and placed under arrest.
26 July 1942 - Darwin bombed by Japanese aircraft.
1945 – Japan was issued with an ultimatum to surrender. The Japanese government was divided so the matter was left to the Emperor who surrendered on 15 August 1945.
1950 – Australian ground forces were committed to service in Korea.
27 July 1942 – The Australian Women’s Land Army was formed.
1942 – Japanese take the town of Kokoda after being stopped in their attempts to reach Pt Moresby by sea at the battle of the Coral Sea. They were then forced to try to reach Pt Moresby over the Owen Stanley Ranges via the Kokoda Trail.
1953 – Ceasefire brings hostilities to an end in Korea.
28 July 1942 – Australians involved in heavy fighting on the Kokoda Trail.
1943 – WWII firestorm in Hamburg killed 42,000 civilians. Firestorm occurred after 2,326 tons of bombs and incendiaries were dropped by the allies.
1942 – On the 28th and 29th Townsville was bombed by Japanese aircraft.
30 July 1942 – Darwin and Horn Island bombed by Japanese aircraft.
31 July 1917 – Third battle of Ypres in southern Belgium begins, this was a collective name given to a campaign which lasted until November 1917.
1962 – The advance party of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam arrives in South Vietnam which signalled the beginning of more than 10 years involvement.
2009 – Australian combat troops cease operational role in Iraq.
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Our 100th Anniversary Tour for the Battles of Fromelles and Pozieres has come to an end. A great time was had by all. The photo shown is at the caves in Arras, France. These caves were used by the soldiers between battles as a rest centre and took on the feel of a small town. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are some photos to share from the memorial service at the 1st Division memorial at Pozieres. One photo shows the normal surrounding. There were approx 1500 people at the service, some dressed for the occasion. ... See MoreSee Less

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100 years ago today the Australians commenced their second big battle at Pozieres in France. In less than 7 weeks 23,000 officers and men lost their lives. This battle was to the north of the River Somme, the British had tried to capture the village of Pozieres but had not succeeded. The village was 10 kilometres east of Albert and it housed a German garrison. The actual assault lasted 13 days with the loss of 7,641 lives. As the troops marched through Albert past the half ruined cathedral the golden statue of the Virgin Mary hung above the town square. It was said that if the statue fell then the war would be over. It never did fall.
Several VCs were won by these heroic soldiers.
My cousin was one those who lost his life on this day 100 years ago. I visit his grave whenever I travel to northern France.
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I find it so interesting to read snippets of history, sometimes it is hard to believe so much time has passed with some of the more modern articles.
July 13 1953 HMAS Tobruk begins the last patrol of the northern part of Korea’s east coast before the end of the war in late July.
July 14 1918 German Asia Corps attacked Australian Light Hors positions at Abu Telul in Palestine and were defeated.
July 14 1789 The fall of the Bastille occurred at the beginning of the French Revolution.
July 15 1940 The Volunteer Defence Force was formed, it composed mainly of WWI veterans.
July 16 1945 Experimental atomic bomb “Fat Boy” was set off in the New Mexico desert.
July 17 1918 In the Russian town Ekaterinburg in Siberia Czar Nicholas II, his wife and 5 children were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks.
July 17 1453 French troops defeated the English at Castillon, ending the Hundred Years War.
July 17-18 1918 Lt AC Borella won the VC at Villers Bretonneux, France. At 36 he was the oldest member of the first AIF to receive this award.
July 19-20 1916 A total of 5,533 Australians were killed or wounded at Fromelles in the first major battle for the Australians on the Western Front.
July 19 1940 HMAS Sydney sinks the Italian Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni in the battle of Cape Spada off Crete.
July 20 1969 Apollo II astronaut Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon.
July 20 1943 HMAS Hobert was torpedoed off San Cristobal, Solomon Islands. Seven officers and six ratings were killed, luckily they were able to reach Espirtu Santo the next day.
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At present Battle Tours has a tour group on the Western Front. They are there to commemorate the battles of Fromelles and also Pozieres and will attend both memorial services. Their tour is taking them to Normandy, the Somme and Flanders which will include the Last Post at Menin Gates in Ypres, with a day trip to the historical city of Bruges. Before completing the tour in Brussels they will see where the Battle of Waterloo took place.
Here are a few photos of the service at Fromelles and the dedication for one of the soldiers identified by DNA from a mass grave site. A nice touch someone in Fromelles put inflatable kangaroos in their front yard.
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Today is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Fromelles. Many Australians have travelled to the Somme to attend the commemorative services for both Fromelles and also Pozieres.
The cemetery at Fromelles is used to bury the Australian soldiers found in mass graves once their identification has been confirmed.
There is now a museum along side the cemetery which is worth a visit.
Please spend a few moments to remember all those who lost their lives in WWI and all other conflicts.
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  • Many thanks for a very informative, well priced thoroughly professional tour of Lone Pine/Gallipoli.  It was a pleasure being on your tour especially with our international group of varied but like minded people. Glenn Nelson
  • From start to end my experience with “Battle Tours” in arranging a group of Vietnam Vets to re visit familiar grounds (within the Phouc Tuy province) was excellent. The tour arranged by Battle Tours was custom built to suite the groups military experiences whilst serving in Vietnam 1966/67. The accommodation, areas visited were as requested and more. The tour guide was exceptional. This is my second dealing with Battle Tours - all good. Robert Birtles
  • I would highly recommend “Battle Tours” as the company to go travelling with for your next war tour. From the beginning to the end they where professional, competitively priced, helpful and efficient. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with them on the Sandakan Death March Anzac Day tour this year and will be using their services again. Kathryn Mackie