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Many Australians have an interest in military history and travel the world to see the places in which their relatives served, fought and perhaps died.  It can be an emotional moment to find the gravesite of a relative for the first time and often you may be the only person who has actually visited the grave.

Travelling to the Western Front and Gallipoli is on the bucket list of many Australian and New Zealanders.  Whilst Google does provide a lot of information, having a guide/historian will often bring the areas to life and give you a greater understanding of what happened.  So many people who “did their own thing” later regretted their decision as they had to concentrate on driving on the right-hand side of the road, missed the countryside and did not enjoy the experience as much as they had wished.  If you are going to fly to the other side of the world which for many, is a once in a lifetime experience do it right and take a guided tour.

More and more Vietnam Veteran are returning to Vietnam, many for the first time, some still reluctantly.  The areas in which the Australians served has changed so much since the Vietnam war, villages have turned into towns and the countryside does not look anything like it did. Without an experienced guide the trip could become an emotional nightmare rather than a healing experience.  Saigon is a progressive city and Vung Tau is the holiday destination for many Vietnamese.  Central and northern Vietnam are also forever changing but still hold some of the old-world charm.

A visit to Thailand to see and feel the conditions that those brave men had to endure under the harsh treatment of the Japanese is something that is a must as is going to Sabah, Borneo to honour those poor souls who died during the infamous death marches during WWII.  Through the sadness of the happenings these countries still have much to offer for tourists.  Sabah is a hidden gem.

Wherever you wish to travel I am sure having a guide/historian will make the experience more enjoyable and you will return home more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the events.